We sincerely appreciate for your attention to Wenxin Keli.

In the past years we received a lot emails about “where to buy ” “wenxin keli for sale” “i bought counterfeit wenxin keli” and “much too expensive” …Unfortunately we do not offer business order for the moment. So we decide to make an authenticated merchant list with lower price which could help customers to buy authentic wenxin keli. 


  1. All the merchants in the list has been authenticated. Not the goods.
  2. Merchants may change the price. We can not promise a fixed price.
Lists Name Link Order
1 Dayi360 wenxin keli Online
2 Chinese Medicine Store wenxin keli Online

Who applied to be listed?

Pharmacies:including internet pharmacies, mail order pharmacies, brick-and-mortar pharmacies, local pharmacies with remote dispensing

Supply Chain Businesses: including pharmaceutical manufacturers, wholesalers, and distributors.

Other Healthcare Merchants: including price comparison websites/apps, and discount pharmacy websites/apps.

Want your web to be listed here, please contact with us and provide below:

  1. Name: Your merchant/company name
  2. Your business license, qualification certificate.
  3. Invoice for purchase
  4. Your price and shipping
  5. Web/app link