The Chinese herb extract Wenxin Keli is made of 5 herbs. Wenxin Keli Ingredients including:

List Name In English Name in Chinese Function Pharmacological action
1 Radix codonopsis Dangshen,党参 Invigorating spleen-stomach and replenishing qi Enhance immunity, Vasodilative Effect, relief pressure, improve microcirculation, strengthen the hematopoietic function
2 Rhizoma polygonati Huangjing,黄精 Boosting qi and nourishing yin Regulate heart rhythm,Anti-fatigue,antioxidant effect,anti-aging,Vasodilative Effect,antiviral effect,anti-pathogeny microorganism
3 Panax Notoginseng Sanqi,三七 Dispersing blood stasis to stop bleeding, reducing swelling and relieving pain Antiplatelet and Anticoagulant Effect,Protecting Myocardium Cells from Apoptosis,Promoting Cardiac Angiogenesis,Antimyocardial Ischemia and Hypoxia Effect,Lipid-Lowering Effect,Inhibitory Effect on the Inflammatory Responses,Antiarrhythmia Effect,Vasodilative Effect,Inhibition of Left Ventricular Remodeling
4 Amber Hupo,琥珀 Calm and soothe the nerves, promoting circulation and removing stasis Calm and soothe the nerves,diuretic effect
5 Spikenard Gansong,甘松 Regulating qi and relieving pain,dispelling depression Antiarrhythmia Effect,calming the central nervous system